Assassins Creed Origins Download Free Full PC + Crack (CPY, Codex, Skidrow)

Assassins Creed Origins

Title: Assassins Creed Origins
Release Date: 2018
Platform: PC
Version: Full free on pc (Cracked | Unlocked)

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Assassins Creed Origins Download PC (Full Free Version) - People do not need much creative thinking. Only two years - no, not even rest, but fruitful work - instead of one. And real miracles are obtained, no less amazing and beautiful than the Egyptian pyramids themselves. It is worth it once in some 12 months to turn off the conveyor belt, withdraw the overseers with the braids (one AC per year! Lively, the sons of bitches !!!) and put a little soul in it, as the Game turns out. It is the Game, not the passing series from the creative team of squeezed lemons. Miraculous mirage under the scorching sun

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The plot of the game
It would seem, well, what is a desert? If you ask the creators of Elex, it turns out quite simply: imported a pair of yellow textures 11 years ago with the Xbox 360, tyap-lyap and ready. But how far away is such a vision from what will appear in Assassin's Creed: Origins!

Assassins Creed Origins Gameplay
It must be understood that ancient Egypt is not modern Egypt, in which there are only a few pieces of greenery left. On the beach, with Russian and British tourists. In those ancient times, extensive agriculture has not yet managed to destroy the unique ecosystem. Therefore, in the new Assassin's Creed you will regularly find rivers, lakes, flowering thickets (almost jungle!) And other lively landscapes that have nothing to do with solid sand.

Interesting facts about Assassins Creed Origins
  Beauty, I must say, indescribable. Imagine the level of quality of nature in Horizon: Zero Dawn, only transferred to the setting of the Middle East. And only mother nature, the matter is not limited. If Horizon had only one large city, then there are a lot of them, and they are created with knowledge. Were you interested in at least 30% of the time in history lessons? Have you seen a couple of documentaries about ancient cultures? Then you will appreciate the work done. The settlement of the Egyptians can be distinguished from the policy of the Greeks even with their eyes closed - by background conversations of the local population.