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FC5 Skidrow crackDescription of the game FAR CRY 5

Your hero will unite the residents of Hope County in the state of Montana and lead the Resistance to free the region from sectarians. Hire characters that will help in your struggle. You can choose the heroes from the extensive list. Improve the special skills of the allies - up to three heroes at the same time, to upset the plans of the "Edemshchikov." Also, specially trained animals will help you, which you can give commands depending on the chosen style of the game.

And in the Resistance you will need the help of friends: the story campaign is available for passage in a joint mode for two players.

Walk your way
In the game you are given complete freedom of action: you decide where, what and how best to do. When you arrive in Hope County, you will determine the procedure for yourself. In the course of the struggle with sectarians, you will meet with many memorable characters, thanks to which your story will play with new colors. For the first time in Far Cry you can play for your own unique hero - create a unique avatar and take advantage of personalization possibilities.

The ever-changing world
Play as you want it in an ever-changing open world that reacts to your actions and decisions.

Increase the level of the Resistance - you will see how the world around us changes in the process of struggle. Destroy the plans of sectarians to prepare for the end of the world and destroy the Messengers. You are waiting for large-scale battles in the open world. The development of events directly depends on your decisions, new opportunities for the game process will appear in the most unexpected moments.

New equipment
Rush through the expanses of the district on recognizable American vehicles - you can get your own "iron horse": an oil mask, a trailer, a quad bike or a tractor. Manage the aircraft and participate in large-scale air battles against sectarians or strike an accurate blow from the air. Explore every corner of Montana and enjoy fishing and hunting in this picturesque region.

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