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Little Nightmares Crack pc no steamLittle Nightmares – platformer with quest elements in the atmosphere of a scary horror film where you fully immerse yourself in the "Little nightmares", the dark whimsical story which will meet you with your fears as a child! Go to the dark Ghost adventure with an interactive storyline, outstanding sound design and a unique art style, which is sure to deliver creepy chills and goosebumps.

The main character is a girl in a yellow raincoat by the name of Six, her story you'll learn in the course of the storyline. Players will find a world that blurs the boundaries between dreams and nightmares, as they help Six to avoid The Maw - a huge, mysterious ship, which is inhabited by depraved souls, searching for their next meal. Consider every option and explore every movement in Six super-sized world where even the smallest doubt can lead to fatal blunder!