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NFS Payback

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Do not forget that this is crack only. To run the game you will need to download the game itself and install it in this crack. It's also worth remembering the work of developers! If you liked the game and you are going to play it, please, buy a game.

Description of the game - Steep story missions with cut scenes and staged chases are rare and only after reaching a certain goal in the open world: victory over all gangs of the region and winning all available races for each of the three characters. All the rest of the time, the plot actually stays in place, leaving you to entertain yourself on your own: knock down billboards, look for the skeletons of rare cars, and save money to turn a Volkswagen Golf into a mother SUV. But that would be all right. The trouble is that you can not avoid routine, hourly fuss in the open world. I already said that there are three heroes in the game? Get ready: for each one you need to build your own cars, which are suitable only for a certain type of racing, like ring, off-road or drift. To divide into three cars and discipline heroes can not, but successfully divide your wallet at all. And instead of buying and pumping one or two cars, you now have to spend money at least five (some heroes participate in two disciplines simultaneously, but on different machines). Of course, money for the maintenance of such a garage almost immediately begins to be missed. What to do in this case? It is clear that: several times go through all the open races and tasks. Approximately at the tenth hour of such joyless work you realize that instead of a fun arcade race you play in the driver's simulator Uber.

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