How to play free in Prey 2017 on PC

Play free in Prey on pcMany people are interested in the question - how to play Prey 2017 on a PC for free.

We will give you the answer! In order to run the game free of charge, without activation - you just need to install a patch (crack). This crack completely avoids the defense of the game and launches the game.

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1) Download the game crack
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3) Go in the game

Prey crack play freeThe story of the game Prey:

But certainly in the future, "stellify" capabilities will find application. I slightly felt it in the battle with anthropomorphic phantoms, which are much stronger than their four-legged "colleagues": in one-on-one battle had three times to heal and to expend all ammunition. To feel like a death machine does not allow a measure of fatigue, which is quickly depleted from any movements and is a serious obstacle to butcher the snakes.

The station area is "Talos-1" is completely open, and we are free to walk through it the way we want, not following the index main goal. However, to get from all corners of the game world will not succeed. It seems that the approach of the study will remind of Deus Ex: different paths correspond to different skills of your character.

As it passes we will find the implants, which act as points of "pumping". Branches of development not too original: we can learn to lift heavy objects, fix broken equipment or to learn the art of hacking. So, often to get behind a closed door, you can find the key or to use skill hack (the process is accompanied by a mini-game).

Now you will know how to play Prey 2017 absolutely for free. If this news was for you useful, please share with your friends, help them to run the game prey free without activation.