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They Are Billions

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Title: They Are Billions
Release Date: 2017
Platform: PC
Version: Free - Repack (Skidrow | Reloaded | Fitgirl)

Download Game - They Are Billions Repack Setup

How to install repack games on the PC

  • First go to the site at the link above
  • Then click there to download the game file
  • On the computer, start the installation
  • The repack is installed automatically
  • All! The game is ready to launch!

They Are Billions Repack Reloaded Skidrow Fitgirl - Features

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They Are Billions RePack Skidrow - But at some point a new, very large wave comes in, which can instantly reverse the course of the game and make you a loser, so They Are Billions does not let you relax and does not forgive mistakes. And if you have already mastered the basic mechanics of the game, then the customizable complexity up to the very brutal can satisfy you. In the game there are several types of cards that open as you go through the previous one at a percentage of the difficulty, achieved by different settings. Different types of maps differ graphically (weather conditions) and certain, hidden settings for zombies and their types. All cards within the same type are fully procedurally generated, so you will not be able to play two identical matches.

Repack Reloaded - a new isometric strategy from the company Numantian Games, whose goal is to prevent the spread of the zombie apocalypse that killed almost the entire human race. Billions of infected people are scouring the cities in search of still living colonies with the goal of destroying everything that remains of our former world. In the game there is an opportunity to go through a campaign where, under your sensitive guidance, the settlement can get out of gloomy times, confining itself to missions, or join the survival mode where the world is generated with its own individual events, and you are obliged to keep afloat its inhabitants at least one hundred days . Passage They Are Billions flows in real time, but the player has the ability to suspend actions and choose the appropriate tactics. Construct your colony, arm your own army, suppress the infection, save the world - all this is possible in the game They Are Billions.

Fitgirl Repack - Resources in this game 5 - money, wood, stone, iron and oil. Money is automatically generated from the very beginning of the game (but, of course, the increase can be increased by certain buildings), but other resources will have to be extracted by all known methods - sawmill, quarry and mines. The whole system of technologies in the game is built on these resources. You can get all of them from the very beginning of the game, however the first buildings and defenses will require a tree for construction, and you will have to build up your colony with wooden fences. Having built a special building and exploring the technology of the stone, as well as all the technologies of the tree era (separation into eras conditionally), you will move to new, stone buildings and a new research building, which will then give you access to the buildings made of iron and so on. In the process of moving through the eras of resources, you will also be able to build new defensive structures and recruit new types of soldiers. The game also contains restrictive factors in the form of food, hands and energy. All production, defensive and military buildings need workers, which are added with each constructed residential building. Workers, in turn, need food, which is mined on farms, hunters hunters and fishermen. Just build them randomly will not work - all the resources in the game are tightly tied to the terrain. The hunter's hut can be built only by the forest, and another such one can be built only after a sufficiently long interval from the previous one, the same applies to the remaining buildings. For farms, for example, you need green fields, and for fishermen - ponds. Coupled with the rather large size of buildings and limited "squares" with resources, you will constantly lack space within your defensive ring, built-up with walls. Therefore, you will have to carefully calculate how to locate buildings, and gradually expand into new territories, building their defenses. The energy system deserves special attention - apart from the numerical value of energy consumed by different buildings, you will need to carry this energy through special towers. Each energy tower provides energy with a certain space around itself, and without energy, you can not build any building in the game (even a wooden fence can not be built without connecting to energy!). This system makes the energy towers a kind of a means of expansion of the territory - you do not build new buildings in the new territory, until you "grab" them with your energy. In general, the game is addictive. The gameplay is built in such a way that you will constantly press any buttons - build buildings there, upgrade here, send a soldier there, build a wall there, and so on, so here you definitely will not encounter the problem of some games when you have already built everything and it becomes boring for you to just sit and wait for the resources to be developed. The fight against zombies and further rebuilding your city will last continuously almost throughout the entire length of your match. The guards standing on the walls will shoot out suitable zombies to the walls, and at times of great invasion you will quickly regroup your troops to prevent the zombie from making a hole in the defense. The game also has an active pause, during which you can give out orders and begin building buildings, so lovers of long thinking do not upset the game. And finally, speaking about the visual, sound and technical parts - everything is simple, but tasteful. In the game there is no full-fledged 3D, but all objects, lanshdaft, characters and art support are executed qualitatively, have their own style, charisma and do not irritate the eye. The sounds of shooting, music, zombie voice - everything is done well and atmospheric. The game has a lot of unrealistic moments, such as shooting soldiers through walls - however, it fits well into the mechanics of gameplay and does not irritate (but for fans of realism the game, however, is not likely to fit). Around the residential buildings your civilians walk, workers cut trees, dig in quarries and distribute resources - your colony looks alive and active, which is another plus to the atmosphere of the game. In general, They Are Billions is a project in which they managed to create a unique geypley combining the genres of RTS and Tower Defense, which will be delayed for many hours despite the fact that the game only recently entered early access. In the future, it expects a whole campaign and, perhaps, multiplayer.

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