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Title: Far Cry 5
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Far Cry 5 Download PC (Full Free Version) - AAA-games are more and more fashionable (and also possible and even necessary) to blame for monotony, predictability and excessive adherence to once-built commercially successful gameplay schemes. In the case of Ubisoft publishing projects, there are still endless side quests, the capture of towers, and, more recently, missing textures, objects falling into each other and other costs of the desire to release the game for sale as quickly as possible. All the claims mentioned above can be presented in one way or another to the recently released action game Far Cry 4. But he, strangely enough, does not cease to be a really cool game and more than a worthy representative of his genre.

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The plot of the game
Structurally Far Cry 4 pretty much repeats the previous number of the series: again, the mature protagonist, who has matured in ten minutes, again insanely charming (or charmingly insane?) Antagonist, again struggle for control over the territory, outposts and towers, again flying a mini helicopter, search for caches and simple crafting. But Far Cry 4 - this is by no means an "add-on with improved graphics", as it is accepted to joke on the web, and not even an independent addition with new heroes, villains and scenery. This is really a step forward, in the course of which the developers managed to reach new heights with each component of the game: from the characters of the individual characters to the saturation of the game world with events and the beauty of high-altitude locations. If someone has bothered Far Cry 3 so much that you do not even want to watch a new game, then they can only sincerely sympathize, because they really lose a lot. And certainly Far Cry 4 should not be reproached for the fact that its authors develop their own and others' ideas, trying to bring their new creation to the ideal.

Far Cry 5 Gameplay
The protagonist Far Cry 4 - Ajay Gale, a normal, seemingly a guy who came to the lost in the Himalayas country of Kirat, in order to fulfill the last will of the mother and dispel her ashes in the specified place. No one could have expected that he would be met personally by the local dictator Pagan Min (a good friend of the mother), and even ten minutes later Gail would already run away as part of a group of local rebels who continue the cause of the father of the protagonist, trying to free the country from a dictatorship. The usual, in general, the plot of the plot - in the genre there were a few best, and a little worse. Is it worth mentioning that Peygan Ming is one of the brightest (and it's not only his style of clothing concerns) characters of recent times. And this despite the fact that 95% of the playing time we will only listen to his messages on the radio or reviews about it of local residents and soldiers.

Interesting facts about Far Cry 5
  The script's authors were able to create an interesting and ambiguous image with just a couple of strokes. And the same goes for a dozen other key characters in the game - all of them are almost grotesque and cartoonish, all of which are both too typical for the genre, and serve as a walking mockery of his templates. But we know very little about all of them, even when we are already forced to stand on their side and shed virtual blood for them. We ourselves form our own idea of ​​the characters, because they are all original, they all have their own motives, their arguments, their demons and their own truth. And when we have to take some decisions affecting the future (mainly offscreen) by Kirat, then this is really a difficult choice: not because we suddenly became interested in the destinies of zeros and ones, but simply because of the equivalence of both options.