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NFS Payback

Title: NFS Payback
Release Date: 2017
Platform: PC
Version: Full free on pc (Cracked | Unlocked)

Download Link - NFS Payback PC Setup.exe

How to install the game on your PC

  1. Click the link to the download server
  2. Then click the download file
  3. After downloading the files, run Setup.exe
  4. Follow the several steps to start the installation process
  5. Wait for the end of the game installation
  6. Play it!

NFS Payback PC Full Version Free - Features

After installing the game, all files are identical to the original licensed version ✓
Nothing from the game is cut and not recoded ✓
The game runs on all versions of Windows ✓
The game supports all languages of the world ✓
Quick installation of the game ✓
The installed NFS Payback game will be completely unblocked and free of charge ✓

NFS Payback Download PC - The problem is that in a series of good ideas the project has not yet found its face. And in a greater degree now it is spoiled by an aggressive PR - NFS is trying to promote through similarity with "Forsage". But I am sure that as soon as they try to show it from the other side or in October, when it comes out, we will discover a curious race for ourselves. All prerequisites for this are. Need for Speed ​​Payback is a new game in the popular racing series from the company EA. The game develops in a fictional open world called Fortune Valley, which was based on Las Vegas and the surrounding area. You have to take on the role of a squad consisting of three highly skilled riders who are fighting against the criminal cartel "Dom", running in gambling establishments, as well as corrupting the local police, so that she does not pay attention to their criminal activities.

The plot of the game
The world of the game turned out really big and bright - especially compared to the depressing restart of Need for Speed ​​2015. The main city copies Las Vegas, and the surrounding area - the state of Nevada, with its red deserts, canyons and roads that go beyond the horizon. All this with a full-fledged change of day and night and beautiful sunsets. Another thing is that for some strange reasons (perhaps it's just in size) a new game in daylight manages to look worse than Need for Speed: Rivals 2013, which was executed in a similar style. Need for Speed: Payback - this is another part of the racing simulator series Need for Speed, which takes the player to Casino City, an analog of Las Vegas.

The former queen of arcade racing once again changed its image and concept, but be careful: Payback is not at all what it seems. In recent years Need for Speed ​​reminds of itself only once in two years, so that from each appearance you are waiting for something unusual. And the game really changes, in some places - beyond recognition. Another thing is that this does not help: the new units generally lack integrity. It seems that the authors themselves do not know which way to lead the once great series.

Interesting facts about NFS Payback
  Exactly such impressions were from the strange restart of Need for Speed ​​2015, and Most Wanted (2012) with The Run (2011) also left a lot of questions. The last unconditionally cool part of the series came out seven (!) Years ago - this is the restart of Hot Pursuit 2010. Announce Need for Speed: Payback has awakened the hope that everything can change. The novelty promised to become "Forsage" from the world of video games, to return to the race the plot, the action - in general, to do what was going to Need for Speed: The Run, only better. After playing, finally, in the final version of Payback, I can say: everything is not so simple. The main problem Payback - the developers succumbed to the harmful fashion for racing fashion games with an open world. The consequence of this was a recurring building, grind and all the rest, which allows you to stretch a short history for dozens of hours. And if you want to see the Payback version of "Fast and the Furious" in Payback, it is better to leave these hopes at once. The new Need for Speed ​​is a more or less typical game in the open world: with a huge map, a bunch of different races, very detailed tuning, off-road racing and (well, of course!) Luteboxes, inside which lie random upgrades for cars.

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