Blackwake Patch Fix on PC (Crash, Black Screen, Lags, Bugs, Stutter Fix)

blackwake patch fixProblems with the game? Does not run or lag? Dear players, in order to correct the situation, you need to update the game patch.

1) Download the patch fix
2) Install the game folder
3) Run Blackwake and play

Downlaod Link - Blackwake Patch Fix.exe


 Patch (Update) Fixed:

  • Lag Fix PC
  • Blackwake crash on startup
  • Black Screen
  • Low FPS
  • Game Freezes, stuttering Fix
  • Sound, Audio Fix

fix pc gameBrief description

Blackwake - the pirate online game where players will become commanders and part of the crew of the ship and go to sea with other players.

The creators do not hide the fact that the inspiration for the development of the game, scooped from the movies pirates of the Caribbean. To win in this game, the players need coordinated teamwork. Will be the team captain, who will be overthrown, if he can not cope with their responsibilities. The role of captain to develop a strategy of attack, and to give commands.

On the ship will be a lot of work, players will not only repel the attack, and by attacking other ships, but also to put out fires, pump out water, repair, sail, etc. the Coherence of each team member in this game is necessary, as in any online game.