Conan Exiles Patch Lag Fix PC - Fix error and crash game

Conan Exiles GameThe game doesn't work, problems, bug, lag the game? Crash and closes the game? - There is a solution! You need to install the latest patch.

1) Download the patch fix
2) Install the game folder
3) Run Conan Exiles and play

Downlaod Link - Conan Exiles Patch Fix.exe

 Patch (Update) Fixed:

  • Conan Exiles Lag Fix PC
  • Conan Exiles crash on startup
  • Conan Exiles Black Screen
  • Low FPS
  • Game Freezes, stuttering Fix
  • Sound, Audio Fix

Patch Fix Conan ExilesDescription
Conan Exiles — Players are allowed to choose the size of the genitals, and the creators of Final Fantasy released for the anniversary series holiday collection.

Developers often allow players to customize the appearance of game characters. But no one seems to have gone as far as the authors of Conan the Exiles. The first users found that, among other things, in the game you can choose the size of the penis of the heroes are male. The developers even took the trouble to implement the physics of the male genitalia.