Mass Effect: Andromeda Patch Fix ( Lag Fix PC)

mass effect andromeda patch fixMass Effect: Andromeda Patch Update (Lag Fix on PC) - fixes a lot of problems. Stabilizes game performance, improves graphics, improves FPS and loading speed of the game. Will help those who have the game not start, crash, lag, crashes or black screen when you start the game.

1) Download the patch fix
2) Install the game folder
3) Run Mass Effect: Andromeda and play!

Downlaod Link - Mass Effect Andromeda Patch Fix.exe


The list of fixes

Mass Effect: Andromeda lags fix on pc windows
Mass Effect: Andromeda game not starting on pc
Black Screen Fix
Mass Effect: Andromeda crash on startup Fix
Low FPS Fixed
Fix Freezes, stuttering
Won’t Start on windows 7 - Fix errors
Fix Audio Crash
Gamepad not working on pc - Fixed!
Game won't save

Game patch fix on PCGameplay: the gameplay in Mass Effect: Andromeda, unfortunately, is currently too little is known. Officially confirmed that will return all-terrain vehicle "Mako" (the first part), which will become more mobile and obtain a few features, but lose the ability to fire. The developer said that the combat system in Mass Effect: Andromeda is much better and harder than in previous installments. The trailer for the game, which was presented at electronic entertainment Expo (Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015), showed the use of jetpack.

The main character
As mentioned earlier, the protagonist of Mass Effect: Andromeda will be a new character. Its main difference from commander Shepard — the lack of reputation of a legend. Respect he will have to achieve his own strength step by step. Hero has a training Alliance N7(as Shepard) and he's pure human. I also want to note that the character that everyone saw the key in the trailer is not our hero.