NieR: Automata Patch Fix on PC - Fixed Lag, Crash game, errors and bugs fixed

NieR: Automata Patch FixNieR: Automata - (Patch Fix Update) - should be set to all players. Corrects a technical error. If the game does not start, hang, lag, crash at startup - update urgently the game!

  •  Download the patch
  •  Install on computer
  •  Run the updated game

Downlaod Link - Nier Automata Patch Fix.exe


Patch Fix For NieR: Automata on PC

- Patch Fixed Lags and Bugs

- Crash game, Freezes, Stuttering Fix

- Game NieR: Automata on PC wont start on PC - Fix

- Patch FPS unlock, fix low FPS

- Improves performance of games

- The solution of technical problems

- Fix error DirectX 10, 11, 12 for Windows 7, 8, 10

NA fixNieR: Automata - Robots-occupiers over the centuries to relax a little. Someone continues to wander aimlessly through the ruins and attack anything that breathes. Some go mad and loudly mimic sexual intercourse. Others are participating in a strange theater performance, playing the role of the clowns, sellers of balloons. Finally, there is a separate settlement, robots on government, pacifists who are seeking contact with people, studying philosophy and wondering, "how is it to conceive a child." Madhouse, if briefly.

Patch UpdateNieR Automata does not start

Many of the problems with the launch of games happen because of incorrect installation. Check for errors during installation, try uninstalling the game and run the installer again, pre-disabling antivirus – often need to run the game files are incorrectly deleted. It is also important to remember that the path to the folder with the installed game should not be Cyrillic characters – use for directory names only letters and numbers.

Still can't hurt to check, do you have enough HDD space for installation. You can try to run the game as Administrator in compatibility mode with different versions of Windows.

NieR Automata brakes. Low FPS. Lagi. The friezes. Hangs

First install the latest driver for the video card, from this FPS in the game can dramatically rise. Also check the workload of the computer in task Manager (by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESCAPE). If before starting the game you see that a process consumes too many resources – off program, or just complete this process from task Manager.

Next, go to the graphics settings in the game. First thing, turn off antialiasing and try lowering the settings responsible for post-processing. Many of them consume a lot of resources and disabling them will greatly enhance the performance, not much affecting picture quality.

NieR Automata crashes to desktop

If NieR Automata you often crashes to the working slot, try to start to solve the problem by lowering graphics quality. It is quite possible that your computer simply does not have enough performance and the game can't work correctly. Also worth checking out the updates – most modern games have a system of automatic installation of new patches. Check if you have turned this option in the settings.

Black screen in NieR Automata

Most often the problem with black screen is the problem with the GPU. Check whether your graphics card is the minimum requirements and put the latest version of drivers. Sometimes black screen is due to a lack of CPU performance.

If the hardware is all fine, and it meets the minimum requirements – try to switch to another window (ALT+TAB), and then return to the game window.

NieR Automata is not installed. Hung installation

First, make sure you have enough HDD space for installation. Remember that for correct operation of the setup requires the stated amount of space, plus 1-2 gigabytes of free space on the system drive. In General, remember the rule – on the system drive should always be at least 2 gigabytes of free space for temporary files. Otherwise, as a game, and the program may not work properly or even refuse to start.

To help in removing temporary files that clog up your PC, but not needed for Windows and other applications, will help the program MaxiDisk. It will automatically scan your PC and will provide a list of files to delete. After her work, you have likely freed up a lot of disk space, which you never knew existed.

Problems with installation can also occur due to the lack of Internet connection or unstable operation. Also don't forget to pause the antivirus while installing the game – sometimes it interferes with the proper reproduction files or deletes them by mistake, thinking viruses.

In NieR Automata do not work save

By analogy with the previous solution check the free space on HDD – how on where the game is installed and on the system disk. Often the save file stored in the documents folder, which is located separately from the game itself.

In NieR Automata does not work management

Sometimes the control in the game is not working due to the simultaneous connection of multiple input devices. Try unplugging the gamepad or, if for some reason you have two keyboards or mice that Express only a single pair of devices. If you are not running a controller, remember – officially the game only supports controllers, determines how the Xbox joysticks. If your controller is defined differently – try to use programs that emulate joysticks Xbox (for example, x360ce).

Sound does not work in NieR Automata

Verify that sound in other programs. After that check if you have turned the sound in the game's settings and selected if it's audio playback device is connected to your speakers or headset. This is followed during the operation of the game to open the mixer and check to see if mute is activated there.

If you are using an external sound card check for new drivers on the manufacturer's website.