Resident Evil 7 Patch Fix (Lag fix PC)

Patch Fix

In the first hours of the game players began to experience problems with the optimization of the game. Many of the game does not start, in others it runs but very slow. Low FPS players noticed even on powerful computers. The developers have released a patch that fixes all of these technical problems.

1) Download the patch fix
2) Install the game folder
3) Run Resident Evil 7 and play

Update fixes all errors

Downlaod Link - Resident Evil 7 Patch Fix.exe


The list of fixes

Resident Evil 7 lag fix pc
Resident Evil 7 game not starting on pc
Black Screen Fix
Resident Evil 7 crash on startup Fix
Low FPS Fix
Fix Resident Evil 7 Freezes, stuttering
Won’t Start on windows 7
Fix Audio Crash
Gamepad not working on pc - Fixed!
Game won't save

Patch Fix resident evil 7About the game
As in the previous parts of the game Resident Evil 7, many things can be combined. Herbs and epoxide to give a first aid kit. Epoxy and powder turn into a heavy-duty cartridges. A broken shotgun can be repaired using the repair kit. If to be attentive, study tips, shortage of drugs and ammunition will not, at least on normal difficulty. Moreover, the game adapts to the abilities of the player. In that sense, if you will die often, you will find more ammo and health kits.

Not all the rooms in the mansion pose a threat. Some allow you to relax and take a breath. In such rooms, usually show a box where you reset the extra stuff (later they teleport from the asylum in asylum). There is also the tape for the save – replaced the typewriter.