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They Are Billions

Title: They Are Billions
Release Date: 2017
Platform: PC
Version: Full free on pc (Cracked | Unlocked)

Download Link - They Are Billions PC Setup.exe

How to install the game on your PC

  1. Click the link to the download server
  2. Then click the download file
  3. After downloading the files, run Setup.exe
  4. Follow the several steps to start the installation process
  5. Wait for the end of the game installation
  6. Play it!

They Are Billions PC Full Version Free - Features

After installing the game, all files are identical to the original licensed version ✓
Nothing from the game is cut and not recoded ✓
The game runs on all versions of Windows ✓
The game supports all languages of the world ✓
Quick installation of the game ✓
The installed They Are Billions game will be completely unblocked and free of charge ✓

They Are Billions Download PC - They Are Billions - indie strategy, the events of which unfold in the distant future. You have to deal with the construction and management of human colonies after the coming zombie apocalypse destroyed almost the entire human race. At the moment there are only a few thousand people who are forced to fight for their lives. But billions of infected people are wandering around the world in huge groups in search of the last human colonies.

The plot of the game
Description of the PC game: On the subject of zombiakaloksisisa was already released a lot of games. But there are not so many worthy strategies. And They Are Billions is one of the few. Here you have to help the survivors in the fight against the infected. And, you do not need to do this as a cinematic novella (Walking Dead) or a Killing Floor (shooter), but in the form of a strategy. Take charge of the commander in chief and ensure prosperity for the entire human race.

The name of the game can be translated as "And my name is Legion". Indeed, large-scale battles involving the use of huge troops here are not uncommon. Accumulate more warriors, collect huge armies and move them to the cities of zombies. But do not forget about resource buildings and defense, as soldiers need to feed, and zombies themselves do not mind pinching your boundaries.

Interesting facts about They Are Billions
   All models are drawn in the form of a steampunk and the general mood of the game, rather, cheerful and carefree. There are a lot of jokes in it, so do not tune in to a heavy atmosphere - it will be fun. Models of soldiers and buildings made as fun and cute as possible. For this, designers have spent a lot of time, but they managed to make a game that I really want to play.

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