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NFS Payback torrent kickass - The developers say that each character has his own storyline, but in certain missions they will come together to perform a particularly difficult task. It reminds GTA V and it's good. If the change of characters is justified by history and only adds heat to the events, then the reception is absolutely justified. Demonstration of the gameplay on the E3, for example, began with the chase in the role of Tyler for a truck and ended at the point where Jezz stole Koenigsegg Regera and was about to leave the chase. Colorful crashes, almost like in Burnout For me, the most exciting part of the presentation is the first crash, where the hero is pruned by the black Dodge Challenger catching up to him. In general, the pursuit of the truck was not so impressive. There was too much production in it: a barrel of barrels was dropped from the tractor with a combustible liquid, cars were rushing and exploding, all in that spirit.

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