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They Are Billions torrent kickass - However, the main feature of the survival mode is the periodically appearing massive waves of zombies. We will be warned about such a wave in a few hours and will say one of the four directions from which it will come - east, west, north or south. Its approximate position will also be indicated on the radar. Despite the fact that the direction with which the wave will come is known, it can be quite difficult to guess which side of your settlement it will break in - the terrain sometimes makes the traffic impossible, and the crowd coming from the north goes around the south. And this is the second problem, because of which you will lose a lot of games. Often, waiting for the arrival of waves on one side of your settlement, you will forget to strengthen the second, and zombies will rush in there ... The main ways to protect the game is to build walls, towers for your fighters and gun turrets, such as a ballista or Tesla tower, and, of course - your fighters of various classes, among which are a bowman, a soldier with a semi-automatic machine, a sniper and others. Often, the game may seem too easy after you have killed all free-walking zombies on the map or held the defense of several waves.

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