Devil May Cry 5 Black Screen problem fix

Good day, dear players. Today we are dedicating this news to one very important issue – the Devil May Cry 5 black screen. Playing the game very often a black screen crashes. You cannot remove it yourself; you have to close the game or restart the computer.

We are reassured by the fact that the game developers have confirmed the error with the black screen in the game Devil May Cry 5. This means that a patch will be released soon in which there will be a fix for this problem.

Proven solution with a black screen in Devil May Cry 5

Installing the patch fixes the problem!

Just a few steps and error will be fixed

  • Go through the links and download the patch file
  • Unpack the patch on your PC and run the installation
  • Patch independently installed in the game folder
  • Play
DOWNLOAD Patch Fix - Devil May Cry 5 Update Setup
Devil May Cry 5 black screen

Why is there a black screen in Devil May Cry 5?
Game developers have officially confirmed that the problem was on their side. They reported that after the release of the nearest patch, this problem will be solved. This update is by the way out. They also recommend that all players update the driver on their video card.

Download the latest version of the driver for your video card here:

The official website of video cards – AMD Radeon
Official site of video cards –
AMD Radeon

Devil May Cry 5 fix

Another solution with a black screen on startup

Quite often, players have a black screen at startup and in the game itself. A very simple reason for this error is the old version of DirectX. Go to the Microsoft website and download the new DirectX.

Download here – DirectX Update

Devil May Cry 5 game pc

Latest Devil May Cry 5 game news

The game is made on the engine RE Engine, so it looks quite realistic. The authors promise that Devil May Cry 5 on all platforms will work at 60 frames per second – for a dynamic slasher, this is extremely important.

The goals of the heroes are classic – to come, see and hack as many monsters as possible. Playable characters differ in style: Nero relies on a huge sword, a revolver and a mechanical arm (with it he can attract, beat with electricity and freeze enemies); Dante – on pistols, sawn-off shotgun, demonic superpowers, and also a motorcycle turning into swords. Wee incites the enemies of demons subject to him: the panther, the griffin and the golem.

Devil May Cry returns to the roots: the new part ignores the events of the restart, which was released in 2013, and continues the plot of the previous games in the series. Starring all the same monster hunters Dante and Nero – plus a newcomer named Wee, around which the developers diligently weave intrigue (about the character is still little known).

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